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2022-07-07 05:30:49 By : Ms. Rebecca Zhang

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The Students Run Los Angeles program is scrambling after thieves stole the training items that will be essential for the 2022-23 season.

SRLA’s office in Tarzana was the victim of a June 20 break-in that left all three storage containers “torn open,” SRLA Executive Director Marsha Charney said in an email to supporters.

Later that week, another break-in resulted in “hundreds of boxes of shoes” being stolen, Charney added.

“The result of these break-ins has been a major loss of our shoe inventory and other materials meant for our students and leaders,” Charney wrote.

The total loss, about 500 pairs of shoes, has left the organization “devastated,” she wrote.

“For many of our students, these are the only running shoes they’ll get all year,” Charney said. “It’s upsetting to think that these materials were taken from the children in our community who need them most.”

SRLA is raising funds and accepting donations to replenish its supplies before the school year begins. For information or to donate, visit

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