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2022-06-15 11:38:20 By : Ms. Nerissa Yang

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Everyone dreams of owning a home where they can create memories, welcome guests and find respite.

While that dream can be difficult to achieve in California — where the need for housing is urgent — some visionary builders are paving a new path to homeownership.

Perpetual Homes, founded by Katherine Anderson, delivers the knowledge gained from working in traditional homebuilding for over 38 years with the adaptability of accessory dwelling units, or ADUs.

With the new 2020 California ADU laws, Perpetual Homes can help achieve more housing much quicker and at a more affordable price. The company’s homebuilding experience ensures an exceptional, functional and beautiful home.

Perpetual Homes’ new Perpetual Lux product line offers modular ADUs designed, built and engineered to California code.

These ADUs are built much quicker than custom site-built homes and are less expensive without jeopardizing high quality. In addition, the ADU adds enhanced equity for property owners and enables relatives or friends to be close by.

“Strong demand for multigenerational living has been at an all-time high during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Anderson explains.

“In addition, clients are enhancing their family incomes (in some cases over $4,000 a month) by renting out their ADUs, as well as offering an early retirement vehicle.

“Return on investment can be as high as 15% plus,” she adds. “These beautifully crafted homes, with a fast build time and less hassle, result in high-level customer satisfaction.”

Perpetual Homes is dedicated to making a difference in the California housing landscape with help from single-family and multifamily property homeowners.

Pricing starts in the $249,000 range for the Perpetual Lux product line, while Perpetual Homes’ traditional manufactured product line starts in the low $200,000s.

Based in Danville, California, Perpetual Homes was founded in 2019 to provide prefab ADUs. With more than 38 years of development entitlement experience in the Bay Area, Perpetual Homes is the most experienced company in the industry.

Find out more about how you can enjoy peace of mind, add value to your property or earn income. Call (925) 980-2351 or go to www.perpetualhomesadu.com.

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