Panel Built Factory Offices Create Controlled Spaces in Hectic Environments | DC Velocity

2022-06-16 08:11:39 By : Mr. Gerry Li

Panel Built, Inc. is a modular construction provider that specializes in prefabricated, panelized spaces for industrial, commercial, and military applications. Over their 25 years in operation, Panel Built has delivered factory offices to states all across the US for projects large and small. Among all these projects, all of the buildings have a common goal of creating a controlled, comfortable space no matter what environment the building is installed into. From warehousing to heavy manufacturing, there are a few common attributes that are sought after in most factory office projects. First, many Panel Built factory offices require a high level of sound dampening, reducing the amount of manufacturing noise that permeates the office space. Panel Built’s standard vinyl-covered gypsum wall panel provides quality sound deadening; however, custom panel configurations are available to increase the panel’s sound transmission coefficient (STC) for exceptionally loud facilities. Second, Panel Built’s wall systems aim to provide more than plenty of insulation for the new building. This way, even as the temperatures raise/lower, the HVAC required to keep the office at a comfortable temperature will not run up the power bill. Finally, most facilities require a level of fire protection for their new offices. Panel Built’s standard Gypsum/Gypsum wall panel carries a Class A fire rating which is enough for most applications. However, Panel Built offers custom panel configurations that are non-combustible and even one-hour fire rated. Overall, Panel Built understands that the same modular office that fits in a warehouse in San Diego, may not work for a manufacturing company in Detroit. For this reason, Panel Built offers a wide range of panel types in order to provide a factory office with the right attributes to fit each application. Founded in 1995 by brother Pat and Michael Kiernan, Panel Built operates under one mission, “To Solve Our Customers’ Space Needs with Excellence and Great Customer Service.” Panel Built began solely as a provider of panelized buildings, but today, Panel Built provides a full line of cleanrooms, welded steel buildings, ballistic rated booths, guard shacks, mezzanines, military towers, and more.

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